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October 5th Drawing Contest 13:00 till 14:00 hrs
10th till 14th Durga Puja Celebrations
13th JJ Valaya Show
16th Childrens day celebration at Sanskriti. Cultural performance by Childrens Choreography Group Ovatsia
November 30th Visit to the orphanage in Tulchin, District of Vinitsa
December 14th St. Nicholas and Christmas day celebration at Sanskriti
January-February Saraswati Pudja.
March Maslyanitsa Ukranian Spring Festival.
International Womens Day.
April Indian Food Festival.
May Sanskriti Celebrates its Birthday Summer Picnic.






Besides the above Sanskriti will take its children to Kamyenits Podolsky during the Autumn break.
Small children should be accompanied with their parents.


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