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Holi - the festival of colors in India.


Holi - the festival of spring, which is held once a year in India. Sprinkled paints of different colors is not only fun, but also very usefulbecause colorful powders are made with the use of medicinal herbs.. Doctors recommend taking part in the festival as prophylaxis spring diseases.

Drink of the festival is a beverage which is called bhanh. It consists of juice or hemp leaves and dairy products. There are different varieties of this drink: bhanh Lassi - a yogurt with the juice of hemp leaves, thandai Lassi - a mixture of milk, spices, sugar, almonds and also the leaf of hemp.

Festival of colors it is celebration in honor of Krishna and his entertainment with ordinary people who believe in this God.

Europeans described Holi as "Carnival" when people forget about caste, religious and other differences. Generally, Holi has always been the best reason for understanding Hindu mentality, at other times quite enigmatic and serious. Hindus, during the festival, cast aside their problems and carefree enjoy of life.

At the festival balls with paints even throw into the windows of passing cars. Offended by those who doused your costume, this day is not accepted, so prim neatnik completely avoid going outside. By the way, the streets are too brightly decorated - colors and elegant fabrics.

This is one of the few holidays in India, where people are not trying to wear their the best clothes, but rather dress modest and simple, because there are almost 100% probability that it will be contaminated by paints.


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