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Indian Clothing

People in India wore mostly cotton clothing.

Udaipur is the jewel of Mewar

A kingdom ruled by the Sisodia dynasty.

Indian Marriage

India is a land of diverse culture.

Top 10 Indian Spices

Indian food is distinctive and delicious.

Holi - the festival of colors in India

The festival of colors in India.

Indian Food Festival

Very soon the second time in Kiev.

The official name - the Republic of India.

Geography - India situated in southern Asia, the Indian subcontinent.

Capital - New Delhi.

Largest cities: Calcutta - over 16 million people, Mumbai (Bombay) - more than 15 million inhabitants, Chennai (Madras) - 6 million inhabitants, Hyderabad - 5 million , Bangalore - 4.5 million , Ahmedabad - 4 million.

Subdivisions India is a federation composed of 28 states and 7 inion teritories.

Official languages - Hindi and English, also17 regional languages.

Religion - 82.6% of the population are Hindus, 12.2% - Islam, 2.34% - Christianity, the also Sikhs (1.94%), Buddhists (0.76%), Jains (0.4% ) and others.

Currency - Indian Rupee = 100 Paisa.

National Day the 26 th of January - Republic Day (1950) , the 15 th of August - Independence Day (1947).

State flag - approved constitutional assembly 22 July 1947 horizontal tricolor: saffron on top, white in the middle and dark green at the bottom - in equal proportions.

State emblem - a copy of the Lion of Sarnath capital of (near Varanasi). State emblem symbolizes the commitment of modern India its ancient principles of peace and goodwill. In capitals - four lions sitting back to each other.

National Anthem of India - national song "Dzhanahanamana" ("Soul of the People"), words and music to which Rabindranath Tagore wrote. It was first performed Dec. 29, 1911

Membership in international organizations - the UN, NAM, UNICEF, WHO, the International Organization of Space Communications "Intersputnik", World Food Programme, ILO, SAARC, IBRD, IDA, etc..


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