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Indian Fashion Ambassador!

Dear friends,
Sanskriti - The centre for Indian Culture, Kiev, Ukraine and the Organizing Committee of the Ukrainian Fashion Week, are pleased to announce the participation of Mr JJ Valaya, the Tsar of Indian Fashion, in the Grand Finale of the 33rd Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kiev, Ukraine!

Mr. Valaya, excels in luxury fashion which is inspired by the rich past and heritage of India. His haute couture is an amalgamation of traditional fusion with the contemporary.

The couturier will showcase his latest designs on October 13, 2013 at 9:00 p.m. at the National cultural-art and museum complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal", Kyiv, 10/12, Lavrastreet.

His participation will further celebrate and strengthen the 22 years of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and India.The Indians and Ukranians are gearing up to be a part of the showstoppers presentation which promises to be a visual delight !!!

Dear friends,
33rd Ukrainian Fashion Week was closing by Indian designer JJ VALAYA, who creates incrediable collection. Own couture fashion house founded in 1992 and is considered a pioneer of Indian fashion industry. Designer called the "fashion guru" and "the king of Indian couture."

In their collections JJ VALAYA combines unique craftsmanship and tradition with energy and variability of modern fashion. "I believe that true style is created for those who can balance on the edge of exacting courage and classic elegance" - says the designer.

The new collection, called the "Maharaja Mardryda" - is an imaginary journey of the monarch, charmed by depth of Spanish culture. The collection can be divided into five parts, which contrasted with elements of Spanish and Indian fashion and culture. Instead of the traditional idea of Spanish costume designer offers his interpretation of specific elements in the Indian luxury collection.

"The idea to combine and contrast Spanish and Indian culture has arisen at me during a trip to Spain. I draw inspiration from travels. Next collection will combine India and Morocco, and soon may appear and Indo-Ukrainian collection "- says Valayya.

The last dress was wearing by Snezhana Egorova (well known Ukrainian TV presenter). She was chosen by JJ Valaya for closing the show.

The Sanskriti Team


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