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Sanskriti is a non-profit charitable organization established with the primary objective of presenting and popularizing Indian Art and Culture in Ukraine and CIS countries.


Our aim is to strengthen the bridge between India and Ukraine and CIS countries, to preserve the rich culture and tradition among children living out of INDIA. To help the underprivileged children of India and Ukraine and to work with old age homes and families. To generate awareness among the local community with Indian culture, traditions and ethics.

Rajesh and Kasturi Saraiya

Mrs.Aruna Bhagat

Mrs.lrina Nikolaevna

Mr.Sailesh Purohit, Mr.Anand

His Excellency the Ambassador for India to Ukraine. His Excellency the Ambassador for Ukraine to India.
Mr.Sanjeev Bhagat, Mr.Rajesh Saraiya, Mr. Pranab Singha, Mr.Paresh KTripathi, Mrs. Renu Gupta, Mrs. Sunita Singh, Mrs. Mita Chakraborty
Mrs.Bijoyalakshmi, Mrs.Mitali Bannerjee, Mrs.Shalini Todi, Mrs.Mamta Verma, Mrs.Brunda Kulkarni, Mrs.Lakshmi Ramkumar, Mrs. Nutan Tripathi


A donation of 40 usd every month subscribtion.

A donation of 200 usd for six month subscribtion.

A donation of 300 usd for one year subscribtion.

Family package
A donation of 500 usd for one year subscribtion.

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Half-yearly 20% off the Member's ticket only.

20% off for two tickets.

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